Denise Alexander

Artist Statement

Since 1984 making art has been a path of self exploration and self discovery, a means of learning to manifest in the world authentically and compassionately from my source, and also a means by which I learn to connect with that source. This has been a journey, an unfolding through life experience including years in psychotherapy, art therapy and Buddhist meditation.

My creative practice has included painting, mixed media, photography, digital film and performance. Whatever medium is used, in all my work I am trying to point towards my personal understanding and experience of an essence within and behind the material world.

Originally trained as a painter, I am currently using light itself as the raw material for directly exploring the interface between light, physical form and perception. I work in a traditional darkroom using silver halide photographic processes to create beautiful black and white luminograms.

The results, while being a record of light shining through an actual object, are semi abstract and ambiguous, inviting the participation of the viewer in contemplating and responding according to their own perceptions and projections.

This emphasis on involving the viewer relates back to both to eastern psychology which states that how we perceive the physical world depends on our state of mind, and also to Surrealism and Dada.

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Professional Training

2007: Masters Degree in Fine Art (Distinction)
Norwich University of the Arts
1991: BA Hons Fine Art Painting (2.1),
Brighton University
2011: Diploma in Coaching (Distinction),
UK Coaching Partnership
1998: Post Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Cambridge
1987: 7307 Further & Adult Teaching Certificate, Brighton University
2006: 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy,
University of Bangor
2006-2011: 5 year Mahamudra Meditation Course in Tibetan Tradition

Selected Exhibitions

2013: The Stripper, (Collaboration), University of East Anglia
2013: Luminograms: Camera-less Photography by Zangmo Alexander
Beyond the Image Photographers Gallery
2012: Work in Progress, Meeting House, Diss
2009: Buddha Mind - Creative Mind
, Institute of Oriental Philosophy
2007: MA Show, Fine Art
, Norwich School of Art and Design
2006: Faith and the Art Multifaith Art Exhibition, Arts Council England
2006: Journeys’, Paintings and Prints, Harleston Festival
2006: ‘Lotus in Flower’ Cambridge
2005: ‘Lyrical Abstraction’ Cambridge (solo)
2001: Open Studios Norfolk
1998: John Innes Centre, Norwich
1992: Horsham Arts Centre (solo)
1991: Fresh Art Fair London

1987: Brighton Centre
1987: Brighton Library (solo)
1986: Eastbourne Library (solo)
1985: Fox’s Gallery London
1985: The Arthouse Leeds

Work in Collections

Hammersmith Hospital
Private Collections USA and Europe


Michelham Priory, Sussex

Invited Speaker and Papers

2012: 'Can Art Make You Believe?' 4 Thought, Channel 4 TV
2009: 'Art, Buddhism and Ordination' talk,
Buddha Mind - Creative Mind Conference
2006: ‘Buddhism and Art’ an exploration of the relationship between
Art and Buddhism for Arts Council England

Lecturing, Tutoring, Coaching and Community Activity

2011-2013: Creativity Coach, private practice
2011-2103: Mindfulness Coach, private practice
1998-2012: A Level Art & Photography Tutor
1985-2013: Private Art and Photography Tutor
1998-2001: Art, Craft and Photography group facilitator
for hard to reach members of the community, the elderly, mental health, social services staff, women's groups, children's holiday workshops
1992-1994: Visiting Lecturer in Painting, Brighton University at ECAT
1992-1994: Creative Studies Lecturer,
Eastbourne College of Art and Design
1992-1994: Brighton University Art Certificate Lecturer
1985-2012: Facilitator of art groups for self awareness, personal development, self expression and stress management in the community
2000: Teacher with responsibility for entire Art and Design Technology Curriculum, primary school Norfolk

Personal Development | CPD

1996-1998: Back to Beginnings, Tara Rokpa
1992: Bioenergetics Therapy, Brighton
1984-1987: Spiritual Psychotherapy, Tunbridge Wells
1995-2001: Personal Art Therapy and Psychotherapy
1993-2013: Regular meditation retreats, solo and in groups
2007: ordination as a nun in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition